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SPRINGFIELD – In an effort to provide property tax relief, State Senator Doris Turner introduced a measure that would reimburse taxing districts for the revenue lost to the state property tax exemption.

“With Springfield being home to Illinois’ Capitol, we lose a considerable amount of property tax dollars with the amount of property the state owns,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “Those dollars could be used for our schools, libraries and more.”

Senate Bill 2092 would allow taxing districts to be reimbursed by the state for all property tax dollars lost to the state property tax exemption. The measure would not exceed $15 million in reimbursements per calendar year. Current law exempts all state-owned property from property taxes unless the state property is leased to a nongovernmental entity, such as a private individual, association, or corporation.

Turner’s initiative would create the State Property Tax Relief Reimbursement Pilot program for fiscal years 2024 through 2028. It would allow the Illinois Department of Revenue to adopt rules necessary to implement the program.

“As a lifelong resident of Springfield, I have seen the burden this has put on our local government,” Turner said. “It’s time we prioritize our capital city and the people who call it home.”

Senate Bill 2092 awaits committee assignment in the Illinois State Senate.

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SPRINGFIELD – To ensure Illinois’ Department of Children and Family Services caseworkers are safe during home visits, State Senator Doris TSenator Turnerurner introduced a measure that would make it a felony if a person commits aggravated battery against a caseworker or investigator while they are preforming their duties.

“DCFS employees protect our most vulnerable children and are often the most trusted person for our youth in case,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “We have heard about the caseworkers who have risked their lives during a home visit – they should feel safe while doing their job.”

Senate Bill 2010, also known as the Knight-Silas Legacy Act, comes in response to two DCFS caseworkers, Pamela Knight and Deidre Silas, who were killed during home visits. The Turner-led measure would make it a felony if a person over 21 years old commits aggravated battery against a DCFS caseworker or investigator while they are working.

The legislation would put DCFS workers in the same status of other front line workers, such as teachers or school employees, peace officers and private security officers. Since a majority of DCFS caseworkers are contracted, this measure would include contract workers as DCFS employees.

“Being a voice for our youth in care isn’t easy, but it’s important for the safety and well-being of the child,” Turner said. “We don’t want to punish children in care. We want to make sure they are living in a safe, stable home.”

Senate Bill 2010 has been assigned to the Special Committee on Criminal Law and Public Safety.

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Turner BudgetAddress

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) released the following statement in response to the governor’s proposed budget address Wednesday:

“Here in Illinois, agriculture drives our economy. As chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, I hope to see continued investments in our farmers and agriculture education as we work through the budget process.

“Education has always been a top priority of mine. This proposal includes essential investments into early childcare education to set children up to be lifelong learners and put them on a path to great success. We have to remove the barriers families face when deciding if they can send their kids to school or put food on the table. A strong investment in early childhood education can set up our youth for a brighter tomorrow.

“Illinois is home to a number of elite higher education institutes. I believe that the proposed increase in funding for the MAP grant program will help make college more affordable for working families.

“Additionally, investing in alternative opportunities for students after high school provides more workforce training to start a career in the trades and ensures our community’s workforce is set up to tackle the jobs of the future. Investments in our infrastructure to rebuild Illinois brings jobs and economic development – this is a win for all.

“The proposed budget sets a framework for us to begin budget negotiations. I look forward to working with my colleagues and be a voice for the agriculture industry, Illinois’ education system and working families across the state.”


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SPRINGFIELD – Construction and building trades will be expanded in Central Illinois thanks to a $1.45 million investment secured by State Senator Doris Turner. freeway construction

"Growing diversity in the building trades is not just a Chicago issue: we are charging forward like never before with three programs between Decatur and Springfield," said Turner (D-Springfield). "Expanding the trades gives people a path to secure stable, good-paying careers in a high-demand industry.”

The Illinois Works Pre-Apprenticeship was created to promote diversity, inclusion and use of apprentices in state-funded capital projects. Comprehensive pre-apprenticeship programs help participants gain admission to apprenticeship programs, which provide a greater opportunity to obtain employment in the construction trades and secure long-term employment.

A total of $13 million for the program’s second year will expand access to the program across the state and will serve up to 1,400 pre-apprentices – a 40% increase from the program’s inaugural year. With the support of Turner, $1.45 million will be coming to Macon County, Richland Community College and Sista Girls and Friends in Decatur and Springfield to expand pre-apprenticeship programs.

 “We have worked to expand opportunities and bring more jobs to Central Illinois,” Turner said. “This key investment opens a number of doors for residents.”

Participants of the program attend tuition-free and receive a stipend and other supportive, barrier reduction services to help enter the construction industry. Upon completion of the program, pre-apprentices receive industry aligned certifications to prepare and qualify them to continue to a registered apprenticeship program in one of the trades.

Information on the Illinois Works Pre-Apprenticeship Program can be found here.

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