SPRINGFIELD – In response to a Carlinville funeral home’s insufficient handling of human remains, State Senator Doris Turner introduced legislation that would put procedures and protocols in place to protect families who have lost a loved one.

“When we lose a loved one, we expect a funeral home to respect the remains of our friends and family,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “We are talking about a person who has loved ones and a story of their own. It is vital that we ensure no family has to receive the dreaded call that the remains they received belong to someone else. This has become a nationwide issue that needs to be addressed.”

Senate Bill 2643 would require the death care industry in the state as well as state regulators to implement a mandatory unique identification tagging system for all human remains. It also would establish a chain of custody system that tracks the human remains of a deceased individual whose death occurred in the state from death to final disposition, if the final disposition is in Illinois.

Turner’s measure would reestablish integrity and trust in the death care industry by putting procedures and protocols in place that aim to prevent the misidentification and misplacement of dead bodies or human remains, and conduct that results in a method of final disposition that differs from what is stipulated by the deceased individual or the deceased’s next of kin.

“This proposed legislation will help protect our loved and lost. It will help assure the proper identification and treatment of someone after death,” said Sangamon County Coroner Jim Allmon. “This will also help prevent the victimization of families who are grieving the loss of someone they love, all while giving the deceased the dignity they deserve.”

Senate Bill 2643 awaits committee assignment in the Senate.

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Senator Turner

SPRINGFIELD – With the ever-growing support for pickleball, State Senator Doris Turner has introduced legislation that would increase the number of pickleball courts in Springfield.

“We have seen a tremendous growth in the interest of pickleball over the past few years. To meet the needs of the sport, I’ve worked closely with the Springfield Pickleball Club to find the best way to accommodate players,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “Adding additional courts to Centennial and Iles parks would bring an economic boost to Springfield. This would be instrumental for Springfield, pickleball players, businesses and our community.”

Pickleball has become the country’s fastest-growing sport. The Springfield Pickleball Club has 435 members and has averaged about 24% more new members each of the last three years. Currently, there are 15 pickleball courts in Springfield. Turner’s measure would increase the number of courts in Springfield to meet the growing demand.

Senate Bill 2599 would provide funding to add 14 new pickleball courts at Centennial Park in an undeveloped space and would include a new concrete slab with a six-foot walkway separating the courts. The measure would also fund the replacement of a 60-year-old concrete slab at Iles Park, which currently has eight courts, and add four courts to allow for more participation in an annual summer tournament.

“The Springfield area has experienced, perhaps, the largest percentage increase in the number of pickleball players. It now has an estimated 1,200 players,” said Jack Handy, president of the Springfield Pickleball Club. “With only 15 pickleball courts available for play, it has been increasingly difficult to avoid long waits for a court. The addition of 18 courts, as outlined in this bill, will meet the current demand for play space.”

Senate Bill 2599 awaits committee assignment in the Illinois State Senate.

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SPRINGFIELD – To build a pipeline of tech talent, a paid trainee program will be coming to Lincoln Land Community College that will help meet the growing demand for skilled professionals and diversify the state’s workforce, announced State Senator Doris Turner. 022323SC1626

“Investing in our workforce pipeline opens the door for new opportunities, grows our pool of skilled professionals and increases industry-focused jobs,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “Lincoln Land’s location will bring people from across Central Illinois to train and grow in the tech profession. This is a win for LLCC, Springfield and the state as we continue to expand career opportunities for our workers.”

Through the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology, trainees will receive a minimum yearly salary of $54,000 while pursuing tracks in one of five high-need concentration areas: cybersecurity, networking, coding and database, end user computing and enterprise infrastructure. Additionally, trainees will receive formal mentoring from current DoIT employees and be offered a full-time job with the department after completing the program and meeting its benchmarks.

LLCC developed the curriculum for participants and will host a training site in Springfield. Cohorts will begin with initial classes of 20 participants, with additional cohorts launching as needed. Applicants should apply online at DoIT.illinois.gov. There will be a recruitment event on Tuesday, Nov. 7 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Kreher Building on LLCC’s Springfield campus.

“Lincoln Land Community College is a leader in training individuals for vital careers in the technology and cybersecurity fields,” said LLCC President Dr. Charlotte Warren. “We’re proud to serve students with this innovative partnership that will help DoIT grow their own workforce, and we applaud DoIT and the Governor’s administration for recognizing the workforce training programs provided by community colleges.”

For additional information on the trainee program, applicant criteria, and upcoming hiring events, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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SPRINGFIELD – In recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, State Senator Doris Turner is encouraging women to get their yearly mammogram. 2000px Pink ribbon

“Early detection is the most effective way to prevent breast cancer,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “Getting regular mammograms can help catch breast cancer at its earliest stages.”

According to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, more Black women die of breast cancer than any other racial or ethnic group. Breast cancer is also the leading cause of cancer death in women aged 20 to 59, according to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners.

Women over the age of 45 are encouraged to receive regular mammograms. They are also encouraged to consult with their health care provider about risk factors and whether additional breast cancer screening is required. Risk factors for breast cancer can be managed by remaining physically active, by maintaining a healthy weight, and by limiting intake of alcohol.

“If a woman believes there may be a problem, getting a routine mammogram or scheduling one improves the odds for treatment if it is necessary,” Turner said. “A simple screening can save lives.”

IDPH reminds the public that the department’s Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program offers free breast exams and mammograms to uninsured and underinsured women. The program also supports diagnostic services and assists with referrals for treatment options.

To enroll in the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, people can call the Women’s Health Line at 888-522-1282. The Health Line will walk people through the eligibility requirements and screening process.

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