SPRINGFIELD – As a strong advocate for education, State Senator Doris Turner supported a new law creating the Department of Early Childhood to streamline the administration of early childhood education care programs and services.

“If we can’t give kids the resources they need at an early age, we are doing them a disservice,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “It’s our job to set students up to be lifelong learners by getting them in the classroom and ensuring they have every resource they need to succeed.”

Senate Bill 1 creates the Department of Early Childhood to be the lead agency for administering and providing early childhood education, care programs and services to children and families in Illinois. The new agency will be dedicated to making access to such state programs easier for parents and providers to navigate.

The Turner-backed law will task the new agency with streamlined oversight of state-funded early childhood programs currently within the State Board of Education, Department of Human Services and Department of Children and Family Services.

“Illinois is taking the necessary steps to make sure every child has access to the best care,” said Turner. “The new agency will streamline the process for parents and providers, making it easier to navigate the resources our state has to offer. We are putting Illinois’ future leaders first by giving them every opportunity they deserve to thrive in and outside of the classroom.”

Senate Bill 1 was signed into law on Tuesday.