Senator Turner

SPRINGFIELD – Motorcyclists no longer have to complete a duplicate driver’s test and will be more visible under two new laws sponsored by State Senator Doris Turner.

“We are easing the process for motorcyclists to get their license without taking repetitive, unnecessary tests,” said Turner (D-Springfield). “Removing this redundancy will simplify the process for motorcyclists, allowing them to enjoy Illinois’ roads.”

House Bill 2582 removes the requirement for a motorcyclist under the age of 18 to complete a motorcycle driver's examination with the Secretary of State. Previously, 16- to 17-year-old motorcyclists were required to complete a Cycle Driver Testing Course provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation and an additional examination by the Secretary of State.

Turner also led Senate Bill 896 which allows a motorcycle to be equipped with two forward-facing electric turn signals that emit a white or amber light. Two driving lights can be added that display a steady white or amber light in addition to the already required headlamps. Lastly, the law allows a motorcycle to be equipped with red-light auxiliary lighting to use while braking.

Turner’s law seeks to provide clarity regarding new standard lighting on the front of motorcycles by increasing the visibility of a motorcycle and providing a clear indication of what the motorcycle is doing, similar to a vehicle.

“It’s important for drivers to be aware of their surroundings,” said Turner. “Allowing motorcycles to be equipped with lights and indicators will help other drivers see where they are on the road.”

House Bill 2582 and Senate Bill 896 took effect Jan. 1.